Diving camp with survival for children - lake narie

Dear Parents, we would like to invite your children to an intimate diving camp, which will be held at Lake Narie. Great surface and underwater infrastructure will allow children to develop or acquire diving skills.Diving activities allow children to expand their knowledge of underwater life, increase or acquire swimming skills, and most of all give a lot of good and safe fun. The camp provided for 14 children.

Survival for kids

We will adapt our dives to the capabilities of your kids. Diving is a partner activity, here the older and more experienced help the younger ones. Children from the age of 8 are welcome to attend the camp.

We will focus on the shallow areas of the basin, looking for pike and perch. We will learn the basics of underwater navigation and dive under moonlight and flashlights.

We also invite children without a diving license to the camp, who would like to see if diving is an activity just for them. For those willing we will organize, at a very attractive price, a full Junior Open Water Diver course.

How was it at the previous camps?
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